Drivewear Lenses – Increasing Driving Safety & Comfort

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Drivewear lenses have been recently launched onto the market and are the first prescription sunglass lenses that are both photochromic and polarised

  • Photochromic – darken in the sun
  • Polarised – ideal lens property for glare reduction

Increase Driving Safety & Comfort

In low light, the lenses are a green/yellow colour which provides high contrast, minimises glare and maximises useful light information reaching the eye.

Behind the windscreen, on a sunny day, they change to a copper colour which reduces glare and excess visual light. It also gives good traffic light recognition, highlighting reds and greens.

Finally, in sunny outdoor conditions they become a dark reddish brown, providing maximum comfort in bright conditions by filtering excess light.

Driveway Lenses – High Density Options

We can supply Drivewear lenses as standard single sight, HD1 single sight and varifocal HD2 formats.

Whilst these sunglasses are often promoted primarily for safer, more comfortable driving in low-sun conditions, they are also ideal for other applications such as cruise holidays and angling.

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