Extended Wear & Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

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We offer an absolutely comprehensive range of contact lenses, including those for daily or monthly wear, single vision, monovision or varifocals, and toric lenses for those with astigmatism.  Daily disposable lenses are ideal for sports, social occasions and part time wearers and an easy introduction to new wearers.

Newer lens materials and designs are more permeable to oxygen, and therefore protect the  eyes from the effects of oxygen deficiency, end-of-day discomfort, irritation dryness and redness.

New Generation Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology keeps changing and we now offer several types of lenses in the new generation of silicone hydrogel materials.

These lenses have five times the oxygen transmissibility of other soft contact lenses making them ideal for anyone who has had problems tolerating lenses in the past or who wears lenses for long hours.

Contact lenses have changed enormously in recent years and there are now contact lenses available for most prescriptions. We fit all contact lenses from daily disposables to extended wear and also gas permeable.

If you are new to contact lenses your optometrist will discuss the pros and cons of the different type of lenses and advise you which are suitable to try.  You can discuss the possibilities during your routine eye examination.

Contact Lenses – Trial

Should you wish to try contact lenses, contact us and we will arrange an appropriate appointment. Our Optometrist will begin with a full eye examination, and then, after carrying out  a number of essential checks, will place the lenses onto the front surface of  your eyes for you to allow you to feel just how comfortable modern lenses are and to check the vision with them.  Following this you will be taught how to handle the lenses and care for them before taking them home for an extended trial. Your follow up lets you  report back on how you have found the lenses and allows your optometrist to check how your eyes are tolerating them well and discuss if there are any other lenses you should try.

Contact lenses can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Whether it s a youngster struggling with PE and sports at school or someone just starting to rely on glasses for reading and close work  lenses can help for all ages.

Full Range of Contact Lenses

As an independent practice we can select lenses from the full range of manufacturers rather than being tied to a limited list.

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