The Optomap Retinal Examination

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Optos, based in Dunfermline, Scotland, have developed a revolutionary retinal examination technology. The optomap process enables us to comprehensively view and analyse your retina. Previous imaging technology allowed us to view small sections of the eye, with optomap we can take a complete image. Having a comprehensive image of the eye enables us to identify conditions that would otherwise be missed.

Benefits of the Optomap Procedure

  • The eye is the only place where the internal blood vessels can be seen, thus in addition to eye care, problems relating the blood pressure and diabetes can also be recognised
  • We can use a range of filters to analyse the image in order to search for a range of eye conditions
  • The process helps us to identify problems at a much earlier stage, increasing the probability that they are treatable
  • The optomap system stores the images of your eyes, so we can monitor and compare their condition over time
  • The process is comfortable and stress free and suitable for patients of all ages. The images can also be taken through cataracts

These two images are shown with the permission of our patient. Damage to the extreme right of the retina of the right eye is clearly visible as a green streak in the top left of the right image. This is where the retina was torn in a football injury ten years earlier. It is very doubtful that this damage would have been visible from a conventional examination.

The impact of optomapping is well illustrated by a comment made by an ophthalmic colleague. He said “the previous technology was like looking through a key hole, now I can open the door”.

We would particularly recommend an optomap examination for patients who are aware that there is a history of Macular degeneration in their family. A significant feature of the optomap process is its extremely low cost. At £25 per examination many people wish to see the image and results of the analysis simply for peace of mind.

Since its introduction to the practices in mid 2003, we are now conducting around 300 examinations per month.

We have now upgraded our Optomap retinal scanner to the new P200c model.  This gives an even wider view of the retina with enhanced detail. Our P200c was the first in practice in the UK and continues to amaze both our optometrists and clients.

To arrange an appointment for our Edinburgh opticians practice please call us on 0131 225 4805.

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